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Hawaii Wedding Harpist TatyanaBorn in the beautiful and famous city of St. Petersburg, in the very heart of Russia, I grew up in a family of professional musicians who fostered the development of my musical skills. With their guidance and support, they instilled in me an extraordinary musical appreciation and sensibility, and cultivated the love and passion I have for music today.

In St. Petersburg, I was surrounded by some of the world's most preeminent classical concerts and musical events, along with beautiful historic architecture and magnificent theater performances. Since the day I was born, I fully embraced all of this in my heart.

It was because of my father, who is a professional dramatic opera tenor singer, that I listened to music at home when I was quite young . This early musical influence turned out to be the most significant part of my life.

Growing up as a musician in Russia, I had a long, formal, music education - through music school, music college, and finally graduating from the most prestigious St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory. It is same conservatory from which Tchaikovsky, one of Russia's most famous composers, graduated 100 years earlier.

After graduation, my destiny brought me to the United States in 1999. I spent my first few years in Tucson ,Arizona, working on my doctorate degree while teaching harp at the University of Arizona. During this time, I had the most amazing experience performing with the largest touring harp ensemble "Harpfusion" (consisting of 17 harps). We performed throughout the U.S. (as well as Switzerland -Europe in 2002).

Hawaii Harpist TatyanaAround that time, I also became the principal harpist with the very popular El Paso Opera Company and El Paso Symphony Orchestra. This was truly a great and fun experience.

Between 2004-2010, I had the opportunity to live in the place of my childhood dream - beautiful sunny California, right in the heart of Hollywood, in the fun city of Los Angeles. Here I continued my career as an orchestra musician, giving harp concerts, doing recording sessions, playing with Rock and Pop bands, and even performing at the show "Dancing with the Stars".

Besides my performances, I enjoyed giving private harp and piano lessons and had some truly amazing students. Some of them even received awards at shows and competitions, and one in particular is now in the Guinness Book of Records for playing harp for over 25 hours straight! Longer than anyone else ever performed on a harp..

After getting married to my beloved husband, Stefan, on Maui, we both decided to make this beautiful island our home. We have lived here since 2010. We feel it is the closest place to paradise on earth! I continue to serve with my music - giving classical harp concerts, performing at numerous events and weddings, teaching music, harp and piano, and enjoying our amazing life here in Hawaii! 

Please visit my other website under HarpistTatyana.com for more information about my professional work.